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Recipes as Algorithms
  Roman's Vegetarian Fancy Algorithm

This recipe, written in a logical format, echoes coded procedures I use for creating visual art forms.  These procedures provide an idea of how an algorithm  might be organized. If we had a robot for executing the food preparation procedure then we could have the food prepared by the robot.   We have engineered robots for only a very small fraction of those myriad things that humans have learned to do. Algorithms, like instruction sheets, can be well structured and serve their purpose well. They can also be poorly structured and lead us into a labyrinth of confusion and a bungled job. Hope this one works for you.




Vegetarian Fancy Algorithm



dried beans: calico bean mix or other choice of beans.
fresh vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, peppers (red & green)
cucumber, fresh zucchini, and / or other choices in season.

other fresh or dried: cilantro, parsley, onion, garlic and / or available alternates

dressing base: extra virgin olive oil, rice vinegar or alternate, maple syrup or fruit syrup or brown sugar or alternate sweetener 

other ingredients: grated parmesan cheese, ground pepper & pimento & olives or alternates & additions to taste. 


beans & vegetables: let beans be about one-half of the total. for a two quart batch use about one quart of cooked beans. the balance of vegetables all together would make up another quart.

dressing base:  use approximately equal parts of oil and vinegar plus a bit of sweetener of choice such as maple syrup, fruit syrup or brown sugar.  . 

begin procedure

prepare bean mix  

soak beans for several hours or overnight
then simmer a bit, as needed, until tender (al dente*)
strain off any left over water 

slice either thin rings or wedge shapes or other bite size shapes:

tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini,
red and green pepper
 ...or alternate salad vegetables

shred or shave


chop finely

onion, garlic, 
fresh cilantro and / or other herbs

blend and stir vigorously

finely chopped garlic & herbs
extra virgin olive oil 
maple syrup or other sweetener
rice vinegar or other choice vinegar
ground pepper


mix all in serving  bowl
sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and/or other grated cheese
decorate with olives and/or pepper rings and/or pimento 


place in refrigerator to chill

end procedure

serve  with whole grain bread & extra virgin olive oil

* "al dente" suggests that the beans be cooked enough to be tender to the bite but not too much; they should retain their form well and, when eaten, the flavor is released with the bite of the "teeth".


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