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Pre-algorist work: 1947-1980
My art practice includes over 30 years of work preceding my first algorithmic work. This section includes work from my art school years followed by 18 years associated with the monastery at St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA. and my early Minneapolis period.

Note: Locating and documenting these history sections is on going project.

From coal fields to Art School,  1947-1950
Monastery period menu Monastic Period 1950-1968

    Click here for personal account of departure from the cloister

Minneapolis pre-algorist period Minneapolis pre-algorist, 1968-c.1980

Electronic Arts 1967 - 2005 ff.
Algorist artworkk including earlier related work with electronics and programmed procedure.  

 Verostko remains a master of the plotted line.”
Grant Taylor, "The American Algorists . . ."

  Interfaces with Algorist Period 
Early Algorist period, 1980-1988
Pen plotted work  1988-1998

Fax Art

Later Forms &  Directions. 1998. . .

Other Pathways Since 2007

In 2007, I undertook a project improvising on drawings I had made in  the 1970's. With experience as an algorist I transformed the 1970's work into a mural. This led to other ways that I merged work by hand, code & machine.



The Digital Art Museum, is a Museum in cyberspace as < >. This Museum presents the pioneers of  "computer art"  in historic phases. . There are  DAM Galleries located in Berlin & Cologne representing work by many of the pioneers as well as selected contemporaries.. The Director, Wolf Lieser, has work of mine available at his DAM Gallery in Berlin.



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