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  Three Story Drawing Machine
Museum of Contemporary Art,  Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik 17

October 17- 23

BELOW: A two minute version of the full 8 hour drawing session is shown in a continuous loop along with the full  8 hour version on the Museum's center screen.


CENTER LARGE SCREEN: The full version, presented daily, displays the drawing arm in a continuous line by line 8 hour drawing session. Viewers experience the real time process as the machine's "drawing arm" traces each line on the Museum's central large screen.

Gradually, as undulating shapes emerge, the disciplined logic of the algorithm and the poetry of form merge.  This process marries mind and machine with cyberforms celebrating algorithmic form.

Green Cloud as
algorithmic poetry for a Three Story Wall, 2011

Pen & ink drawing with artist's seal.


Above: "Green Cloud", the original pen plotted drawing, was designed and timed to begin drawing a dusk and complete the drawing at sunrise. This event was one of many "White Night" events presented by NORTHERN SPARK  in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 4 - 5,  2011.

More at:  Three Story Drawing Machine MCAD 

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