"Geometries of the Sublime"
ISEA 2011 & Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Geometries of  the Sublime is part of the Official Parallel Program of the 12th Istanbul Biennial.

ROMAN VEROSTKO, October 24 to October 30, 2011
click for slide showclick for Three Story Drawing Machine previewclick for slide show

Click on the North (left)  and South (right)  facades for a sample slide show.  The Central facade links to a short "Three Story Drawing Machine" preview of the entire 8 hour document.

October 24- 30, 2011.  Throughout the week light shows of Roman's work were displayed on  the Museum's large digital screens spanning the entire facade. The display presented slide shows of Verostko's work on the north and south facades with two videos of his "Three Story Drawing Machine" on the central facade.  A two minute video preview looped continuously on the left side of the central facade while the full 8 hour version, documenting the entire process, was shown on the right central facade.   The larger central area, between the two videos, displayed a light show with details of the drawing.

Wall Size: The 3 facades combined measure 94 meters, a little more than 300 feet, the length of a football field.

This program focuses on world pioneers of contemporary geometric and digital arts:

Manfred Mohr - (Monday, 7 October to Sunday, 13 November) 
Chuck Csuri
 - (Monday, 17 October to Sunday, 23 October)
Roman Verostko - (Monday, 24 October to  Sunday 30 October)  
Paul Brown - (Monday, 31 October to Sunday, November 6)
Vera Molnar
 - (Monday, 14 November to Sunday, 20 November)

The program, realized by Senior Curators Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac,  was presented in collaboration with and supported by the Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb) and Kasa Gallery (Istanbul).  Geometries of the Sublime 

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