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The original Epigenesis Model  was shown in the  SIGGRAPH '97 LA show. The  model traveled with the international show  for several years and was lost in transit in 1998.  Since then the artist has achieved  two replacement clones. The original version holds a special historic value for the artist.  The artist offers a  reward from his studio to the first person providing information that leads to the recovery of this lost work. 

Summary: Epigenesis was shipped in a customized wooden crate measuring about  6.5 feet by 2 feet with an 8 inch depth and weighing about 75 pounds.  The listing below shows the exhibition itinerary. The crate traveled to Germany and Canada where it was shown with the other works in the exhibition. The show was shipped from Canada to Orlando (Florida) where it was placed in storage. Records show that the crate was received and stored in Orlando early in 1998. The storage site in Orlando was changed once and some months later the exhibition crates were shipped to Sausalito, California. The shipment to Sausalito did not include Epigenesis.  The artist has been  advised that it cannot be determined for certain whether its crate was lost in storage or in transfer while in Florida.

Note:  The artist notes that curators and institutions have given their time and effort to make the exhibition venues possible. All responsible parties in handling the traveling show  have been helpful in every way possible to them. Unanticipated changes in venues and handling procedures led to the disappearance of this work.   

SIGGRAPH 97 Traveling show venues:

29 October - 29 November 1997
Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
Rundeturmstr. 6
D-64283 Darmstadt, Germany

January 9-February 25 1998
The Living Arts Center
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5B 4B8

September 4-7, 1998 (Epigenesis not exhibited)
Sausalito Art Festival 

April 1- June 1, 1999 (Epigenesis not exhibited)
The Art Institute of Houston 
1900 Yorktown
Houston, Texas 77056

July 9, 1999. Following advisement that the model was missing and recovery unlikely the artist began work on a replacement clone. 

21-24 October 1999 (Epigenesis not exhibited)
Festival Quai des Bulles
Palais du Grand Large
Saint Malo

9-30 November 1999 (Epigenesis not exhibited)
Centre d'Animation de la Vallee "Salvador Allende"
Rue des Acadiens
Saint Malo 35400 France

Replacement clone completed by the artist for the George Mason show. Over a period of several months the artist reconstructed the algorithmic procedures from his archives. A complete algorithmic clone was achieved by January 2000 and was included in the George Mason University showing. 

February - August 2000
George Mason University
School of Information Technology & Engineering
Fairfax, Virginia

Disappearance detail:  Advisements to the artist suggest the following: The crate for Epigenesis was received with the other exhibition crates for storage in Florida early in 1998. Some time later in 1998 the exhibition crates were transferred to a second storage site. Later still in 1998, for a September show in  Sausalito, the crates were scheduled for pickup.  Two days after pickup the carrier notified the responsible person that all specified crates were not present when the agent made the pickup.  The exact accounting for the Epigenesis crate, following its initial storage in Orlando, is uncertain. Please contact the artist if you have information that may lead to the recovery of this work. roman@verostko.com 

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