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Pathway Studio Gallery
Algorithmic Art by Roman Verostko

Gallery display, January 2018.

Pathway Studio Gallery. A small private show room,  located  next  to my  home-studio, exhibits selected algorithmic works.  My wife managed this Gallery for interested clients & friends  up to the last year of her life.  I continue to maintain the Gallery for interested  collectors, historians, colleagues and friends. Some of the work on display is reserved for special collections.  Visitors may request to see examples of work from all periods.  Gallery access  may be  arranged by appointment.

To learn about my work return to my  MAIN MENU. It provides links organized so you can browse 70 years of my historic work with documentation on theory & practice, and my  biography.  Navigating my web site is difficult.   When you get lost return to MAIN MENU.  Links to the Main Menu are located at the top of every web page.

To inquire about art work or gallery visits see my contact page:   CONTACT  _____________________________________________

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