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Larger image (23 kb)   Pleiades  type, 1998 Loughborough Seven (23kb)

Seven Sisters: the Pleiades   

The first Pleiades version was  created for the Computerkunst/Computer Art '98  exhibition that opened at the  Museum der Stadt Gladbeck, Germany on June 7, 1998. This exhibition traveled to various sites in Germany through 1999. A similar larger scale edition, The Loughborough Seven, was created for the Under Construction exhibition at Loughborough University (UK) in April 1998.

Description and documentation.

The Seven Sisters representing the Pleiades  were rendered algorithmically within a specified set of parameters. The software procedure generates a "family" of forms with a strong familial resemblance. The Sisters resemble each other as they were created with the same form generator sharing a common set of parameters. This work demonstrates the similarities between the artist's software and epigenesis. In this instance, somewhat as in a garden, the family of Pleiades were "grown" with the artist's software.

The "Sisters" are presented as one work of art encompassing a family of seven. The version shown below is the Gladbeck version. Full view  (click image for larger view):

click for larger image
(click image for larger view)
(1) Alcyone   (2) Celaeno  (3) Taygete  (4) Merope   (5) Maia   (6) Sterope  (7) Electra

Seven Sisters: the Pleiades.   Full size is 64 inches by 12 inches (162 cm by 30 cm), Pen plot.. Artist's software using a PC and Multipen plotter. Paper: Arches (hot pressed). 1998.  Note that the central Pleiad, Merope, is the one that is nearly invisible. Merope is also known as the Lost Pleiade and sometimes as Electra II. 1998.

For the Gladbeck version shown here individual Pleiades were plotted in small units at 8.5 inches by 11 inches each. For the later Loughborough version  larger units were plotted at 30 inches by 22 inches each.


HARDWARE:  PC operating on DOS driving multi-pen plotters.
SOFTWARE: Software written by the artist using Basic and Digital Microprocessor/Plotting Language.
PENS AND INKS: Tech pens with refill wells are used. Lightfast acrylic inks mixed by the artist.
PAPER: 90# Arches, Hot pressed.
GOLD AND SILVER LEAF :  Merope has silver leaf and the others have gold leaf roundels.

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