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Archives: Roman Verostko   
This archive contains documents and links related to my art work and writings. This includes documents dating back to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and my years in monastic life. Selected documents are being added when located and edited for this site. 

For Biographical information see: :

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Algorist Period

Algorist, Miscellaneous

Pre-algorist, Minneapolis

Monastic Period

Merging Past & Present


Algorithmic Period.

Minneapolis Pre-Algorithmic Period

Monastic Period

Artist's Statements

Monastic Period:

Departure from monastic life, Spring, 1968:

Minneapolis Pre Algorithmic Period

Algorithmic Period

Writings: Theory and Practice 

This archive includes the text of writings that appeared in limited circulations and may not be listed elsewhere.  For a list of publications see:  professional resume.

    Monastic Period

    Minneapolis Pre-Algorithmic Period

    Algorithmic Period

  Other Miscellaneous 

Families of form: generative art created in series.

Families of form created with a common ancestral code are a unique feature of a great deal of my work since 1985.  Early series were difficult to document visually due to limited studio resources. More recent series have better documentation.  As I find time to locate work and resources I hope to expand the information on various series. from all periods.    

Exhibitions with some web documentation:

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