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Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art, 1993.

ISEA93 known also as FISEA'93

Notes by Roman Verostko, Program Director, the Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art

In 1988, the First International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 88, also known as FISEA88) was held in Utrecht, Holland. This historic symposium attracted several hundred participants from around the world and pointed to the growing number of professionals in the arts who shared common interests in the impact of electronic technologies in the arts.  Attendees could already sense the emerging transformation that would change studios and classrooms within the decade. 

My experience at this symposium provided me with renewal supportive of my studio work at the time. I found others who shared similar problems, insights and enthusiasm for the new horizons opened with computing technologies.   

The following decade witnessed the growth of an impressive series of  international symposia related to the use of electronics in the arts. The ISEA Symposia grew as a forum for the growing number of artists working with emerging technologies.   

The governing organization for these symposia is the  Inter-Society for Electronic Art (ISEA). Information on the activities, membership and organization of the ISEA is available at their homepage:

The Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art (FISEA 93) was hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), November 3-7, 1993, with performance and exhibition activities documented in its award winning catalogue. Click here for more on FISEA'93.

The ISEA symposia were originally planned as bi-annual events. For several years, following TISEA (Sidney), they were held annually. Following Manchester in 1998 the series reverted to the original bi-annual policy:

  1. Utrecht, Holland 1988 (FISEA), First ISEA, FISEA'88.
  2. Groningen, Holland 1990 (SISEA), Second ISEA, SISEA'90
  3. Sydney, Australia 1992 (TISEA), Third ISEA,  TISEA'92
  4. Minneapolis, USA 1993 (FISEA 93), Fourth ISEA, FISEA'93

    acronyms in following years were simplified to ISEA without the ordinal number abbreviation prefix.
  5. Helsinki, Finland 1994 (ISEA 94)
  6. Montreal, Canada 1995 (ISEA 95)
  7. Rotterdam, Holland 1996 (ISEA 96)
  8. Chicago, USA 1997 (ISEA 97)
  9. Manchester, UK (ISEA '98)
  10. Paris, France (ISEA '00)
  11. Nagoya, Japan (ISEA2002)
  12. Baltic Sea (ISEA 2004)
  13. San Josť, USA (ISEA 2006)

See the ISEA homepage for details on past and future symposia, membership information and other activities:

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