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Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art:  ISEA '93, the art factor

Symposium Poster by Alex Tylovich   Reverse side of poster.

Minneapolis College Art & Design (MCAD)
November  3 - 7, 1993

This ISEA symposium, held in 1993, was also known historically as FISEA 93. Hosted by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design with the collaboration of the Walker Art Center, the University of Minnesota and the Indermedia Arts Center (Minneapolis)  this ISEA 93 included  exhibitions, concerts, animated theater and an international FAX exhibition that grew in the course of the symposium.

Note on this site: Our original archives were shipped to ISEA headquarters some years ago .  Meanwhile, following ISEA 93, I mounted this interim site with some summary info from my files with only a skeleton of the program. The full text of my introduction, as reprinted in Leonardo, is included here.   - RJV

NOTE:  If  you have any images or documents related to ISEA'93 that you wish to share please contact me, Roman.

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