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MODEL (1996):   Epigenesis: The Growth of Form.

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Epigenesis: the Growth of Form (1996-2000) 
 19" by 76"
 Pen & brush plotted drawing. 

Created as a work of art in its own right, this piece models, on a scale of 1:6, the form generating procedures employed for a pen plotted mural composed of eleven 3 foot by 6 foot units.   Both this model and the finished work are pen and brush plotted drawings. The full scale project, framed with stained oak paneling, occupies a space measuring 9 feet by 40 feet at the University of St. Thomas  Science and Engineering Center  (St. Paul,  Minnesota, 1997). This version, an algorithmic clone of the original model, was completed in January, 2000. 

Left-central triptych

  3 out of 11 panels
1996 (67 K)  

The brush strokes and gold roundels, identify the visual theme permeating eleven  improvisations.  Form-generating procedures, created by the artist, employed this linear form for growing this suite of eleven graphic harmonies.  Executed with a multi-pen plotter, clusters of pen strokes mirror themselves with improvisations of form based on the same information that controlled the very first line in the suite.  The central geometrical figure, drawing on this visual theme, reveals one more morphological improvisation. The eleven unit harmonic suite displays the growth of form and, by analogy to the biological term, may be viewed as epigenesis.


Central triptych

  3 out of 11 panels
  1996 (68 K)

Where to see the original works: 

The  Model: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis Downtown Campus, 10th St. at La Salle, Second Floor, 10th St. skyway.

Full Scale Mural: University of St. Thomas,  St. Paul Campus, Frey Science and Engineering Center, Owens Hall, Summit & Cretin Ave.:

Model Versions: 

 Dec. 1996  Version I  The lost version.
 Jan. 2000  Version II University of St Thomas clone.
 Sept. 2000 Version III
Studio clone for exhibitions.


Right Central Triptych 
 3 out of 11 panels
 1996 (68 K)

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